SEO Consulting Case Study Research: Outsourcing vs. Internal

Should you outsource to India (or another overseas tech provider)?  It’s a question a number of different companies spanning many industries have asked themselves over the past few years (or decades at this point).  Sometimes it works out and saves a lot of costs.  Other times it backfires.

Outsourcing SEO and web design services overseas has been a popular strategy for a number of years.  It’s been an effective strategy as well, until recently.  Before bulk link-building tactics could be completed at low costs, but as Google’s algorithm has become more sophisticated, the ability for outsourced companies to execute effectively has been hindered.

LDM recently published a case study comparing SEO consulting executed in NY to an outsourced provider over a 10-month period.  The main different here is in the quality of the appearance of the strategy each company was able to present.  LDM focused on PR, building quality relationships, and growing the business in a more traditional way (except translated to online business).  The overseas competition was quick to pounce on higher rankings, but eventually their tactics got devalued and penalized.

The entire idea behind an SEO strategy is to develop an online marketing strategy that pays long-term dividends.  For most businesses, short-term tactics are going to result in lower ROI than ones that build website authority over time.  In their 10-month case study, LDM showed how, with a little patience, investing in higher-quality services is a smart decision for most businesses.

For more information on the strategy that LDM employed, you can view the SEO Consulting services on their website.  They focus on creating long-term value and being smart about keyword targeting.

That doesn’t mean all overseas companies are bad.  It just means you need to be careful and understand what tactics are being used to bring your website to the top of the rankings.  If looks low-quality, then it probably is low-quality.

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